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[Blog Tour: Jordyn And The Caverns Of Gloom by Tiffany King. Character Interview and Giveaway]

Guys I was excited when I got the chance to be a part of Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom tour!  I really really liked the first book in the series, simply titled Jordyn and I couldn't wait to see what Tiffany had for us fans in the next installment.  Needless to say, I enjoyed the book and even gave it a 4 unicorn rating!  So, what I'm saying is that you should check this little series out when you have the time!

"Jordyn and the Cavern of Gloom"
Author: Tiffany King
Series: Daemon Hunter #2
Pages: ?
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Date Published: August 15th, 2013
Publisher: A.T. Publishing LLC


My so-called family lied.
My friends lied.
The only guy I ever liked lied.
My mentor, the one I was supposed to trust lied.

My entire existence is built on lies and yet now they want my help. Scratch that, now
they need my help. I'll play the good soldier, but I am no longer the person I was before. This time it will be on my terms. I will trust no one.

I am a weapon. I am Jordyn.

My Character Interview With Jordyn:
(So I was really excited when I got to sit down and have a chat with the main character of The Daemon Hunter novels herself.  She clues us in to a few of the things that may or may not be coming for us in the next installment and tells us more about the men in her life!)

So Jordyn, on your 5 weeks off on your own, what was your favorite place that you visited?

After everything that happened, I needed to get away to think. I wasn't traveling to site-see. I wanted solace. The beaches in Costa Rica are absolutely mesmerizing. Soft sand with crystal blue warm water. Anyone could lose themselves there like I did.

I just have to ask, can you give us some more details about Anthony?  I mean we know he can create a killer tattoo, but what else can you tell us?

Anthony is a big dude—I mean, big, but gentle as a teddy bear. We're really still getting to know each other. Anthony is one of those don't ask don't tell types of guys. Very private. If you went to party, he'd be the guy in the corner just observing, but not in a creepy way. Because of his size, and how quiet he is, he looks like someone of great importance that you would feel uncomfortable approaching.

Okay, so you get back home and everything is different.  What were your first thoughts on Boon?  He seems like a cool kid.

Boon is way cool. He and I hit it off immediately. Anyone that likes to cut it up a little like he does is okay in my book. It breaks my heart though to think about what Boon had to endure from his father. I have this fantasy that I would like to find his dad and break everyone of his fingers one by one. You don't know how hard it is for me to not actually go do it. At least Boon is in a good place now.

Training, it sounds like it was a bitch, what's the worst injury you've ever gotten?

The worst pain I've endured came when Kale grabbed me and literally burned my skin away to the bone. Then I had to endure the same pain again from Emrys during training. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have an arch angel to heal your injuries. Which by the way, it's freaky to watch your skin growing back right before your eyes.

Can you tell us why you get all mushy inside when Emrys' kisses you?
That jerk can only do that to me because of his abilities. I mean, he is a Soul Trader. They have a way of making people agreeable if you know what I mean. Of course, his looks, hot bod, and that tantalizing tattoo don't hurt. I can't tell him that though. His ego is big enough already.

Speaking of Emrys... tell us something that none of us know about him...

He visits his dead father's grave for every holiday. There is still a lot about Emrys's past I don't know. For some reason, he blames himself for his father's passing. It's like Emrys feels like he is paying for his own past sins by visiting his father's grave.

Do you know where you're going to end up in book three?  Give us a little inside scoop, if you can?

I would like to find out more about the girl whose body I took over when she passed away. Whether or not that happens, I guess we'll have to wait and see.


About the Author:

USA Today Best Selling author, Tiffany King is the author of the Young Adult titles: The Saving Angels Series, Wishing for Someday Soon, Forever Changed, Unlikely Allies, Miss Me Not, and Jordyn: The Daemon Hunter Novel Series. She also has a New Adult title called No Attachments

Writer by day and book fanatic the rest of the time, she is now pursuing her life-long dream of weaving tales for others to enjoy. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Five, if you count her three spoiled cats). Her addictions include: Her iphone and ipad, chocolate, Diet Coke, chocolate, Harry Potter, chocolate, and her favorite TV shows. Want to know what they are? Just ask.

Twitter- @AuthorTiffany
Facebook- Tiffany King
Pintrest- Tiffany King
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Asma said...

Love the character interview :) And all though I've never heard of this until today, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Thanks for the giveaway.

Giselle said...

This sounds like a cool series! I like Jordyn already she sounds charismatic and spunky. I'm not the biggest fan of this cover, though.