Review Policies

Review Policy:

The White Unicorn and I would love to be able to review every single YA/NA book that is out there, but sadly The White Unicorn is fictional and can't read and I don't have the ability to only read books all of the time.  So, with those two limitations I will not be able to get to all of the books out there.

That being said I would love to know more about your book, I would love to read it and then hopefully be able to brag to the book blogging community about how amazing it is.  But I have to be honest and let you know that if I don't like a book, then with the help of honesty and a fair dose of snark, you shall have a truthful review of your book.  Honestly, the snark will most likely be there even if I like the book!  I tend to breath snark...

I also reserve the right to not review a book I accept.  If I feel that that it is in the best interest for myself and the author.

Kinds of books I like to read:
  • SciFi
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopia
  • Romance
  • Historical Fiction
I accept ARCs in these formats hardbacks, paperbacks, eBooks and egalleys.  We can talk about other options, but I prefer one of those.  Hardback and paperback books have the possibility of being passed on to others in the form of giveaways when they have been completed and reviewed.  Reviews of the book will be posted here on The White Unicorn, as well as on my Goodreads page and the posts will be advertized via my Twitter and Facebook pages right after completion.  If you don't want the review right away, please be sure to let me know when you send the book.

I also have a heart for Self Published YA/NA books, so if you have one feel free to contact me as well!

The White Unicorn and I do not receive money for reviewing your book.

Email me at whiteunicornfic (at) gmail (dot) com

  Giveaway Policy:

Here I like to share awesome books with other people who like to read, and so there will be some giveaways happening up in here!  You can check out the "Giveaways" tab to see what is up for grabs at the moment.  
  • Everyone who enters must be 13 or over (if you are under 16 you must have a parent or guardians permission)
  • You will get an e-mail saying you have won in between 1 and 4 days after giveaway is over
  • Winner must respond within 48 hours of winning with their mailing address and what not or the prize goes to the next person waiting to win the awesome stuff that would have been yours
  • Allow between one and two weeks for your prize to get to you
  • Most giveaways will be US/Canada only, unless it says different in the post
  • If your prize gets lost or damaged, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about it
Authors and publishers might be the ones sending you your prize (it'll say in the giveaway post).  If that is the case, give them a little extra time to get your goods to you.  The White Unicorn is not responsible for getting you the prize. 

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