Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Staking The Shelves: Episode Four]

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Well, it was a bit of slow one this week.  Which I have to admit is good on the wallet and good one the massive TBR pile I have!  Seriously, things are getting crazy!  But I'm reading and reading and reading and writing.  Hahahaha. 

The Books:

Books For Review:
  • "Flight" by Lindsay Leggett (Provided by the author for review)

Books I Bought:

This Week On The Blog:

So, that's it!  What did you get this week?  Leave the link below or tell me in the comments!  Can't wait to find out what everyone else got!


Eileen said...

Hmm I haven't heard of any of these books, but I'm hope you really like them! Flight's cover is totally gorgeous!

Shelley Romano said...

State of Emergency looks interesting enough to add to my TBR monstrosity! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!

Danica Page said...

I hadn't heard of either of these, but they look really intriguing. I hope you enjoy them.

Here's my book haul.

~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

Fara Nani said...

Eeepppp!!! Flight! Sweet haul! Enjoy your reads! :D

Here's my Showcase Sunday

The Bumble Girl said...

I haven't heard of these two! They sound like really good ones! Love the cover to Flight!
Enjoy your newbies :)

Annabelle said...

I haven't heard of these but they sound really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

My Haul! Letterbox Love!

Amy said...

State of Emergency sounds really good. I haven't heard of the other one. Great books this week!!

Shane said...

Nice haul. Hope you enjoy them!

old follower:) Thanks for stopping by.

Jenni @ Alluring Reads said...

Both of these are new to me. I really like the cover for State of Emergency, and the colors on Flight are great. I hope you enjoy them both!

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

I don't think I've heard of these books before, but the covers are very cool. Hope you enjoy!

Ashley said...

I had not heard of either book, but just them out in Goodreads! Sounds interesting, look forward to your review :)

Thanks for stopping by my STS

Ashley @The Quiet Concert

Blythe Harris said...

I've never heard of both of these books, but they sound interesting! Flight's cover is very pretty. Enjoy!