Monday, December 2, 2013

[Top Ten Tuesday: 2014 Books I'm Dying To Read]

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This week the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish asked us to make a list of the our top ten 2014 books we wanna read.  Do you even know how impossible that actually is?  I tried to be calm and ended up adding way to many pictures of books into my blog folder.  The fact is, that this is a daunting task and many of these will most likely change by the time that 2014 comes around.  That being said, I am really excited about these books!  Here's my list this week!
Books That Make Me Wish I Had A Time Machine, So I Could Get To Them!

"A Mad, Wicked Folly" by Sharon Biggs Waller:  It's historical and it's also got some cool new angles.  It also sounds a bit edgy.  All good things in my book!

"The Art of Lainey" by Paula Stokes:  I love the idea behind this one!  Throwing The Art Of War into a teen book is a genius idea!

"Exile" by Kevin Emerson:  A teen band manager?  You don't need to tell me anything else about this one.  You bet I'll be reading!

"Lair of Dreams" by Libba Bray:  I love Libba Bray so much!  She's one of my personal favorite authors and I loved The Diviners (it kinda creeped me out) so I needs this one badly!

"Dorothy Must Die" by Danielle Paige:  If it has to do with OZ, I want it in my hands.  If it's a twisted tale, even better!

"The Last Best Kiss" by Claire LaZebnik:  I loved her other books and even though I can't figure out if this is an Austen retelling too, you best believe that I'll be reading this one!

"Wayfarer" by Lili St. Crow:  I'm reading "Nameless" right now and I'm totally digging it!  I know that I'll want to get my hands on this one as soon as it comes out!

"Of Metal and Wishes" by Sarah Fine:  I can't wait to dig into this one!  Fine is another one of my favorite authors and if she has anything to do with it, I'm gonna read it!

"The Winner's Curse" by Marie Rutkoski:  This one sounds so good and odd and I want to read it!

"Prisoner of Night and Fog" by Anne Blankman:  I've been waiting for a book that tells the tale of someone who was raised a Nazi in WW2.  I'm hoping that this one doesn't disappoint! 
Well there's my list!  What's on yours?  I wanna know.  Leave your link below or tell me in the comments!   


Angela's Anxious Life said...

I want to read Dorthy Must Die sooo bad!! I can't wait for that book to come out!

My Top Ten

Adelena @ A Page of Heaven said...

The Winner's Curse is also on my list! The gorgeous cover and interesting synopsis have me hooked.

Adelena @ A Page of Heaven said...

The Winner's Curse is also on my list! The gorgeous cover and interesting synopsis have me hooked.

Unknown said...

I love Libba Bray too though I've sadly neglected The Diviners which is sitting beside my bed begging to be read! I really need to make some time to read it!

Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten!

Christina / Book Addict said...

The Winner's Curse is also on my list. I love the cover and I can't wait to read it! Great list!

Nicole said...

HOW COULD I FORGET OF METAL AND WISHES! Forgive me Sarah Fine! AND LAIR OF DREAMS GIMME GIMME GIMME. I pretty much want to read all of these You have such great taste ;)

Giselle said...

Urgh every time I see that new Diviners series covers I cringe. It looks like cheesy sci fi WHYYYYYY!! Ahem.. anyways! I'm super excite for Dorothy Must Die, too! I heard the author's only like 13 or 15 or something. And The Last Best Kiss is on EW I'm pretty sure! :D

Melody Simpson said...

Very intrigued by Dorothy Must Die!

@MelissaJoLynn_ said...

Exile sounds really good. I'm reading Break It Up by EM Tippetts and it's about a girl that goes on tour with a band and it's really good so far!

Tammy Sparks said...

Awesome list, Christianna! I totally forgot about Dorothy Must Die and Lair of Dreams. It's so hard to wait, isn't it?? Thanks for stopping by:)

Spiced Latte said...

Haven't seen some of this but definitely looking forward to reading Dorothy Must Die! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog earlier :)

Natalie @Natflix&Books said...

How could I have forgotten Dorothy Must Die! I'm dying to read that one. Exhile and The Winner's Curse looks awesome, too. In fact, I'm looking forward to your list period. Great list!

Unknown said...

HECK YEAH to every last one of those!!!

Here' mine!