Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Stacking The Shelves: Episode Twenty Nine]

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Guys tons of books happened this week!  I picked up a few for nothing for my Kindle and also a few hard copies.  I got one of the ARCS I've been wanting forever in the mail, oh and I had a field day with HarperTeen titles on Edelweiss.  It's a good thing that I have awhile to get them all read!  I can't wait to dig into all of these!  It was a glorious haul this week!

The Books:
Books I Bought:

Library Snags:

Review Books:
  • "Unhinged" by A.G. Haward (Thanks to Amulet! Tour Date Oct. 23rd right here)
  • "Sea of Shadows" by Kelley Armstrong (Thanks HarperTeen!)
  • "Salvage" by Alexandra Duncan (Thanks HarperTeen/Greenwillow Press!)
  • "Cruel Beauty" by Rosamund Hodge (Thanks HarperTeen/Balzer & Bray!)
  • "House of Ivy and Sorrow" by Natalie Whipple (Thanks HarperTeen!)
  • "Dear Killer" by Katherine Ewell (Thanks HarperTeen/Kathrine Tegen Books!)
  • "No One Else Can Have You" by Kathleen Hale (Thanks HarperTeen!)
  • "Avalon" by Mindee Arnett (Thanks HarperTeen/Balzer & Bray!)
  • "Elusion" by Cludia Gabel and Cheryl Klam (Thanks HarperTeen/Katherine Tegen Books!)
  • "All That Glows" by Ryan Graudin (Thanks HarperTeen!)
  • "Ask Again Later" by Liz Czukas (Thanks HarperTeen!)

This Week On The Blog:

Once again a bog thanks goes out to Amulet and HarperTeen!


Shelley Romano said...

Yes! Glad to see Harper came through with you as well! Looking forward to reading them soon! Have a great weekend!

GillyB said...

DUDE, wasn't Harper the bestest ever this week?! LOVE THEM. I, too, went a little overboard with the downloads.

Austenland and The Archived are both glorious


Jessica Chiles said...

I keep meaning to buy Austenland and Nobody's Princess looks great! YAY for all the awesome.

Shelly said...

So jealous of your copy of Unhinged and No One Else Can Have You! I've been dying to read them. Hope you enjoy them and great haul :)

Jillyn said...

The two ARCs I want most are No One Else Can Have You and Unhinged, and you got both. I'm so jealous! :) I hope you love them all!

Old follower. My STS

Tammy Sparks said...

Wow, fantastic haul! I'm so jealous about UNHINGED!! How did you get on that tour?? (I thought it was coming out in January...)hmmm. Well, it seems that a lot of bloggers got approved for Harper titles this week, I know I was! Enjoy your books!

Nicole said...

Girlllll so many good books. How do you chose what to read next? So many of these are on my radar. I will await your reviews to help me weed out the best ones :) Happy reading!!

Natalie Natflixandbooks said...

What a pretty pile of books! I'm especially excited for No One Else. Happy reading!

Little Miss Becky said...

Fantastic haul! Really looking forward to some of those Harper titles, especially All That Glows. Unhinged! Excited to get back to that crazy dark world!

Giselle said...

I'm really excited for Sea of Shadows! Kelley is my fav author of all times! WOOT! And Cruel Beauty is so pretty I hope it doesn't disappoint! I really enjoyed Doll Bones. For an MG it was pretty creepy! Can't wait to see what you think! :)

Kirsty-Marie Jones said...

All I see is Unhinged. All I see is Unhinged...congrats on getting that! There's no doubt it's going to be awesome. Totally jealous. I kind of picked up All That Glows and No One Else Can Have You, too since Sunday...*cough* No restraint. :)