Monday, April 1, 2013

[Top Ten Tuesday #5: Book Boyfriends!]

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This is the week where you all get to learn about who I would crush on if I too were a fictional character out there in book land!  Stop and think about that for a bit, being a character in someone's book could be extremely awesome when you think about it, right?  Okay, now moving on... I've compiled a list of the guys who I think are awesome out there in YA lit.  So shall we get to the guys?!  They aren't in a numbered order, but the ones that hold a higher place in my heart will be placed closer to the top.  And do you wanna know who they are?  I'm sure you do, so I'll stop talking now...
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion!
I have so much love for this guy!  I have to admit that I fell in love with his character in the movie first, but I also really liked him in the book as well!  I gave both the movie and the book 5 unicorn heads!  I think it's the fact that actions speak louder than words with this guy and that he has a sense of humor even if he is technically dead. 

The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr
This guy is the master of dark and mysterious.  He's twisted and gets put into some of the most compelling situations.  I think that it's the fact that he still manages to keep some of his humanity while also being best friends with a really evil guy that makes me like him!

Jonathan Draper
Mythology by Helen Boswell
I just love this angel.  No really, he's an angel.  A silent, brooding angel of few words!  He's got a wonderful personality that makes you raise an eyebrow every once in awhile.  I like a guy who keeps me guessing and lets be honest, this guy has that in spades.  Plus he has a twitter account!  (which I'll tell you more about in a later post...)

Jasper Hale
The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer
This guy is one of my favorite vampires out there!  I have to tell you that I can't stand Edward, but Jasper takes the cake for me!  He was a soldier and then a crazy vampire soldier and he's a badass.  But unlike some of the other guys on this list, he's got a flawless sense of humor as well!  Plus, I mean Jackson Rathbone plays him in the films and if you read my music blog you know just how much I LOVE 100 Monkeys (his old band).  It's the best of both words with this one!

If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman
Oh Adam!  My music loving heart thinks that you are just awesome!  I love how loyal he is, even if it's only from a distance!  He would be a great boyfriend and would stay with you even if you might die.  I mean that's pretty great!  He has his issues, but who doesn't?

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
LOVE him!  He was one of my first book crushes and he'll always be a favorite!  He's the best friend and the guy who sneaks up out of nowhere!  I have always been curious about what would have happened had he and Jo actually gotten together.  But come on we all know that he and Amy work out really nice too.  But if I would have been Jo, my answer would have been different... just saying!

Sanctum by Sarah Fine
Once again we have a warrior with a sorted past!  This one if stuck inside the suicide gates.  Which was brought on by nothing other than a suicide itself.  He's got a gnarly background that includes WW2.  I've always been a sucker for books about the World Wars, but Malachi's story is much more than it seems to be.  Plus, he's a fighter and a lover!

Splintered by A.G. Howard
This guy is a sneaky little bastard and a moth at that!  Sounds crazy that I would like his character so much, but I do!  He honestly dishonest.  And when it comes down to it, loyalty is one of his strongest virtues.  Even if it is wrapped up in a total mess of other things!  Yeah, maybe not the guy to bring home to mom and dad, but he could turn out to be a winner?

I think that Kostos is great!  Plus, he's Greek!  I'm Greek too, so that could work.  As the books go along, he does some really stupid things, but he's human.  He seems like he'd be down for some pretty cool adventures as well and I like adventures and traveling.  Much like the pants in the title of this book...

Prince Kai
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I don't really know much about Kai.  I have been told that I will get to see more of him in Scarlett though and that excites me!  I'm intrigued and totally fangirling over these books.  So he makes it on the list! 

I have to admit that it's pretty easy to pick up on the themes that I like to have in my book boys.  You can put those together for yourself!  There are some guys who have these traits in ways that I can't stand though, but I'll save those for another list!

  Well there's my list!  What's on yours?  I wanna know.  Leave your link below or tell me in the comments!


Jenni @ Alluring Reads said...

Oh man Adam! I wasn't that huge of a fan of him in If I Stay, I mean he was sweet and all. But I really fell in love with him in Where She Went! He was all troubled and broody rock star Loved It!

Laurie is a great choice! I haven't read Little Women but I have seen the movie about 100 times, and he is just to imaginative and playful yet sweet.

Oh and Kostos! I love how you thought of guys that I haven't thought of in so long!

Great list!

Jessica Leigh said...

Oh Laurie! I fell in love with him when I was younger. I always wanted Jo to be with him! And I did really like Kostos in Sisterhood. I haven't read Sanctum yet, but it's on the TBR list!


Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

Paula Stokes said...

Jasper--ha, I always liked him best too, even though he never got more than one line per movie. But that hair. What was up with that?

Some of my faves are:
Jonah from Jellicoe Road
Cole from the Shiver trilogy
Ash from Black City
Eli from Along for the Ride
and, of course, Falco from Venom :)

Annabelle Hammond said...

Ooh I forgot about Niall, but now I want to add him to my list. He totally made me swoon with his dark ways!

Ah, I loved Jasper in the books when you actually see more of his protective side but in the movie he's a bit of a douche.

Happy Reading!

My Top Ten!

Giselle said...

A lot of these are on my TBR list! If I Stay is coming up soon on my audiobook list actually. And Warm Bodies has been getting a lot of attention since the movie I'm really curious how I'd like that one. I'm not usually into romanticized zombies though. Great list!

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

I like all the boys from Marissa Meyer. Thorne, Wolf, Princess Kai :D You got to love them. And I agree about Morpheus! I hated Jeb, but Morpheus made up for him.


Charlotte said...

Laurie... I can't really forgive him for marrying Amy, since she seems like a 2nd choice after Jo... but he is an awful cute scamp. Also, I always call him Teddy, in my mind, but most people seem to call him Laurie.

My list would include Howl from "Howl's Moving Castle", Prince Char from "Ella Enchanted", and Rudy from "The Book Thief".

@HarleyBearBooks said...

Love Kostos!!!!!!!! I forgot about him. And Laurie too. I always forget classics when I make these posts. Great list!

Rachel said...

There are some really great guys on here! I need to read Splintered--Morpheus sounds hot! And I love pretty much all the boys in the Wicked Lovely series. Oh, and R--hottest zombie ever! Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

GillyB said...

Adam, Laurie, and Morpheus were all on my list too! BUT I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT KOSTOS. *headdesk*