Friday, April 12, 2013

[Stacking The Shelves: Episode Ten]

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I got a pretty big haul this week.  I got some books that I ordered, which contained a few books that I have already read, but just had to own and a few that I haven't.  I got an eBook on sale as well.  There are a few review copies that I got accepted for via Edelweiss and there was also a fateful trip to the library.  Fateful because I told myself that with my book schedule I could only get one book this trip.  Well I ended up coming out with four, so that shows you just how much self control I have...  

The Books:
Books For Review:

Books I Bought:

Books From The Library:

This Week On The Blog:

So, that's it!  What did you get this week?  Leave the link below or tell me in the comments!  Can't wait to find out what everyone else got! 


Sapir V said...

Great haul! You've got so many books this week.
How My Summer Went Up In Flames sounds like a sweet summer read. I will read it when it comes out!!
I've heard many good things about Cinder and Scarlet, but I haven't read them yet.. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!
Hope you enjoy your books (:


Sapir @ Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl

Shelley Romano said...

Yay! for Cinder & Scarlet which I totally read back to back this week! Awesome books! Looking forward to Cress now. Enjoy your reading!

Christina / Book Addict said...

Fantastic books this week! I can't wait to read Thorn Abbey and How My Summer Went Up in Flames. I also got For Darkness Shows the Stars--I've heard good things about that book. I really enjoyed Lola! I hope you enjoy all of your books!

Nicole said...

Omg you are killing me with these awesome book hauls girl! I am dying to read Thorn Abbey and How My Summer Went up in Flames! I also need to go get Lola and the Boy Next Door because I heard Isla and the Happily Ever After ties all three of her books together (and I only read Anna and the French Kiss so far!) Happy Reading!

Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

Tammy Sparks said...

Great haul! Love love love CINDER, and still trying to find time to read SCARLET:) I also own a copy of FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS, but haven't read it yet. Have fun reading:)

Skye said...

I've heard great things about CINDER and SCARLET, and look forward to reading them myself someday. Awesome stack this week - happy reading! :)


Synchronized Reading said...

I LOVED Cinder & Scarlet :) Both were awesome! I hope you enjoy them both.

My Haul!

Chrystal said...

I have the same problem with self control. LOL

Oh and I just read Lola last week and adored it. :) Enjoy!

Chey said...

So many great books! I can't wait to read How My Summer Went Up in Flames! I hope you enjoy!

Eileen said...

OMG I requested Thorn Abbey a long time ago but they never responded so I guess I'm not getting it lol! How My Summer Went Up In Flames also looks so fantastic, and the Cinder series is also so amazing.