Monday, April 8, 2013

[Top Ten Tuesday #6: Favorite Books I Read Before I Was A Blogger]

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly linkup hosted by The Broke And The Bookish!

This week we were asked to tell each other and some other random people what books we loved before we started book blogging!  I have to admit that I have a mix of books and that they all aren't YA or NA titles.  But each one of these holds a special place in my heart!  I have cried over some of these, laughed until I cried, gained inspiration, was pulled back to another time and was transported to dark and creepy worlds in others.  So here we go...

"Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman
This was my first Gaiman book and his bare bones writing style, villains and his twisted portrayal of London made this one stick!  Plus I read it right after getting back from London for the first time.

"Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott
I know that I talk about this one all the time in my Top Ten posts, but it's just because I love this book so much.  It gives me all the feels!

 "Going Bovine" by Libba Bray
This book has one of the most creative ideas that ever existed behind it.  Sure you feel like your on a bad acid trip (not that I know what that's like, but I'm guessing it's like this) and has some controversial ideas behind it.  But it made me laugh until I cried and then just went a head and made me cry for real.

"Jubilee Trail" by Gwen Bristow
I'm just going to go ahead and call this one of the first NA books I ever read.  I'm sure that's not what Gwen was going for all those years ago, but that's what she accomplished!  Seriously, no one knows about this book, but it's brilliant and so awesome!

  "13 Little Blue Envelopes" by Maureen Johnson
This is the first Maureen book I read and it made me fall in love with her writing right off.  It's a brilliant coming of age, travel heavy book that has a rather interesting concept behind it!  What's not to love!?

 "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova
Sure this book is one heck of a brick at over 800 pages, but it's also brilliant and detailed and gives me the creeps!  Talk about legit vampire lore with a hint of reality behind it.  And the ending guys, the ending is what gets me every time I think about this book!

 "A Little Bit Wicked" by Kristin Chenoweth
As any drama nerd does I heart Kristin Chenoweth.  I just think that she's hysterical and such an awesome person!  This book touches on things like Wicked, Pushing Daisies and more!  Plus, she so funny in it as well as being honest!

"The Devil's Arithmetic" by Jane Yolan
I have loved this book for years.  I just reread it not too long ago and it still gives me the chills.  It's dark and devastating and my favorite book about the holocaust that I've ever far.

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
It's just one of those books that leaves a strong impression and stays with you.  No matter how many other books you read on the subjects covered in this one, it seems to almost always take the cake!

 "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins
It's dark, it's gritty and it's character driven.  I mean it's about kids killing each other and getting watched on TV while doing it.  It's horrifying really, but Collins tells the story in a way that pulls you into their world and makes you cry and laugh and love!

 Well there's my list!  What's on yours?  I wanna know.  Leave your link below or tell me in the comments! 


Lori said...

The Historian is so amazing! I really need to reread it. I don't remember much about the ending except that it blew me away.

Jenni @ Alluring Reads said...

Ohh The Hunger Games! I always think that it would have been fun to have been a blogger when THG craze was happening, or even the Twilight one! Great list :)

Ashley said...

Ohh Man the Historian, what a big book! I took on the audio version of it. It was an excellent book :)

I LOVED 13 Little Blue Envelopes!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

Christina / Book Addict said...

I love TKAM, Hunger Games, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes...all such good reads. I have been meaning to read The Devil's Arithmetic. I saw the movie and loved it, so I should definitely check out the book. Great list!

Nina said...

I love Wicked, the musical! Three years ago I saw it in London. So beautiful. :) Populair, the song = awesome!

Hunger Games..I need to read this series.

@HarleyBearBooks said...

I want to reread To Kill A Mockingbird. It's such a good book! And HG is awesome too. I always wondered about 13 envelopes but the cover is just meh so I never picked it up. Might have to actually read it now.

Annabelle Hammond said...

I must read Little Women, I've been wanting to a while but I haven't. I'm guessing you recommend them? ;)

I had to read To Kill a Mockingbird for school but I have re-read it so many times since then. I agree that it stays with the reader for a long while. Also Hunger games is awesome!

Happy Reading. My Top Ten!

Giselle said...

I also read THG series before blogging :) 13 Little Blue Envelopes sounds really cute but the reviews are all over the place for that series.

Loni said...

Some great books on your list. I need to read Libba Bray. Her books sound amazing.

Mel@Thedailyprophecy said...

I really like Neil Gaiman, but I haven't read that book yet.


Chrystal said...

To Kill A Mockingbird!!! :) Great choice and The Hunger Games is great, but I read it after becoming a blogger. I am going to go add the Kristin Chenoweth book to my wishlist now though. ;)

Kezia D said...

Hmm... I haven't most of those books honestly. THG is a great pick! But I didn't quite enjoy Mockingjay ._.
Thanks for stopping my at my blog! Have a nice day!