Friday, February 15, 2013

[Review: ROUGE by Leigh Talbert Moore]

Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
Series: Cheveux Roux #1
Pages: 300
Genre: New Adult, Historical Fiction
Date Published: November 11th, 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Format Read: Purchased eBook


As the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans, Hale Ferrer has only one goal: Escape.

Escape from the lies and manipulations, from the nonstop work and constant hunger, and from her growing fear that one day she'll have to earn her living in the secret back rooms, where the dancers do more than dance.

But she won't go without Teeny, the orphan-girl she rescued from the streets and promised to protect.

Freddie Lovel, Hale's wealthy Parisian suitor, is the perfect solution. He says he loves her, he knows nothing of her impoverished background, and he has the potential to sweep her and Teeny far away from their bleak existence in south Louisiana.

If only his touch could arouse her interest like Beau's, the poor stagehand who captures her heart. Beau, who makes her laugh and feel safe, who rescues her from more than one close call, and whose blue eyes are like Louisiana iris flowers.

Denying her fears, Hale is ready to choose love and a life with Beau, until a predator lurking in their theater-home launches a chain of events that could cost her everything--Teeny, their one hope of escape, and possibly even her life.

My Thoughts:

Rouge" is one of those books that almost got a 5 star rating from me. And in this case almost is good enough. It was a unique story, that had elements of things like "Moulin Rouge", but only small hints. It was a story that was dashed with little bits of intrigue, even up until the very last moments of the novel. In the very last moments Moore threw some details at us that when carefully looked at, could lead you to the truth of the matter. But it also just could have been a trick of your imagination as well.

The setting of "Rouge" was fun and terrifying at times and that is what keeps you on your toes as a reader. The fact that the theater is not only that and that it moonlights as, well I won't tell you, but I will tell you that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Or your bed, or whatever your sitting or laying on while reading it! I also loved that the novel was set in New Orleans. It makes me want to visit.

Moore gives us characters that we actually care about. Hale has moments where you just want her to get her shit together and then when she does, it leaves you speechless and ready to give her a standing ovation. And Beau is rather dashing. He's the bad boy turned good guy that every girl dreams about. And even though Freddie is boring in comparison, you couldn't help but like him a lot as well. The love triangle wasn't overly obnoxious and provided a brilliant plot tool for Moore. It was a love triangle created out of obligation more than true love, and I enjoyed that twist on it. And Teeny, she was great! A little ball of energy and awesomeness. I enjoyed all of her antics!

Needless to say that other characters that were not front runners in the story were also extremely well crafted, even ones as small as Molly. Roland, Evie, Carla and Frank all seemed like they were your friends, not just Hale's. Rosa was the mother fill in, that held her role extremely well and Gavin was wonderfully complicated. And well Guy, Guy was just creepy as anything!

This book drops down to 4 and a half stars for the fact that Moore described French kissing all the time, I wanted to yell "I get how it works already", but on the other hand it never made me stop reading the story. This book is written for an older YA audience, or I guess, the newly created New Adult genre. There are a few love scenes and some steamy stuff, as well as the book dealing with prostitution. It's not a tale for someone who wants to read a fluffy book, but if you like a story that isn't entirely happy go lucky, then give this little Indie gem a try!

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LTM said...

VERY cool! Thanks so much for having me here, Christianna! I love that you loved Rouge~ :o) <3

Erika said...

This sounds really good!

Nicole said...

haha love this: "This book drops down to 4 and a half stars for the fact that Moore described French kissing all the time, I wanted to yell "I get how it works already""

This sounds like a powerful read. I'm definitely adding it to my TBR list! GREAT review :)