Monday, June 17, 2013

[Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Of My Summer TBR List]

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So what books do I hope to get to this summer?  A lot.  Way more than 10, that's for sure.  I decided to go with 10 books that are already lining my shelves.  Ones that I've been meaning to get to for ages.  The ones I was so excited to get, but have just sat there like a beautiful, book like bump on a log.  So what books made the cut?  Check it out!

The Cute and the Hopefully Funny!
  •  "Past Perfect" by Leila Sales:  This one just sounds so stinking cute!  Working at reenactment of a Colonial Village sounds like a blast for me. I got this one from the library and read the first couple pages and was already laughing!
  • "Roman Holiday" by Ashleyn Poston:  This is Ash's first NA novel.  It's all about music and bands and putting your life back together.  All things that I love!
  • "The Juliet Club" by Suzanne Harper:  I've been feeling like I need a book that takes place in a foreign country and this one sounds like a lot of good mindless fun!
  • "Withering Tights" by Louise Rennison:  I love this author's books!  I've read a good amount of the her other series, but these ones have to do with theater!  I love the theater!
  • "This Is What Happy Looks Like" by Jennifer E. Smith:  Guys this book just sounds amazing and brainless and awesome!  That is all!
The Dark and Adventurous!
  •  "Anna Dressed In Blood" by Kendare Blake:  Ghosts and ghost hunters!  It sounds like it'll be a little scary and a little gory and a little great!
  • "If You Find Me" by Emily Murdoch:  This one sounds realistically creepy.  I haven't really read anything like this before, but I'm excited for it!
  • "Scarlet" by Marissa Meyer:  Gah, I loved Cinder so much and I need to read this book, like yesterday!
  • "The Madman's Daughter" by Megan Shepherd:  It's a Gothic retelling!  Do you need to know anything more than that?  I didn't think so! 
  • "Heist Society" by Ally Carter:  Teenage thieves and plenty of adventure!  I'm all over this one.  Plus it doesn't seem as dark as the other ones on this list!
 Well there's my list!  What's on yours?  I wanna know.  Leave your link below or tell me in the comments!


Jenni said...

If You Find me is ammmmmmmazing. I can't wait to see what you think of that one. I also have to read The Madman's Daughter soon, I have heard such great things about it. I hope you enjoy all of your summer reads!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed The Madman's Daughter! It wasn't perfect, but I did think it was great. You have some here that I definitely need to get to as well. If You Find Me is high up on my list, and I definitely want to read This is What Happy Looks Like and Scarlet! Hopefully they all go well!

Zarina said...

Past Perfect looks so cute, it's going on my to-read list as well! And I really liked Heist Society, I hope you do too :)

My (first!) TTT :)

Rachel said...

I really liked This is What Happy Looks Like, and Anna Dressed in Blood is an interesting ghost story with a great voice. And The Madman's Daughter is SO GOOD. Read it soon!

Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

Natalie @Natflix&Books said...

I really enjoyed This is What Happy. It's a good summer book. I adore The Heist Society. I need to read the Madman's Daughter, too. Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine! (And, yes, there is a book based on Brigadoon. Isn't that awesome? Lol.)
-Natalie @Natflix&Books

The Princess of Everything said...

Withering Tights was sooo cute and funny! You'll LOVE it! And the Heist Society series is completely addicting. You've been warned! haha I also need to read Scarlet and Madman's Daughter. I was so obsessed with having to get them as soon as they came out, and yet I still haven't read them. They are just collecting dust on my shelf. How sad!

Lili said...


but Heist Society, The Madman's Daughter, and Scarlet all blew me away and I hope you love them as much as I did!

GillyB said...

Past Perfect and Withering Tights are both REALLY funny! This is What Happy Looks Like is adorable. Scarlet is awesome, The Madman's Daughter is awesome, and I'm pretty sure Heist Society is also awesome, but it's probably more in the fun and funny category than dark and dangerous!

Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

The Juliet Club is a fun read! And If You Find Me is so good! Great picks :)

Here's my Top Ten!

Nicole said...

Umm yes to all of the dark and adventurous picks! Especially If You Find Me. One of my top reads of 2013 (and maybe all time).

April said...

Great list of books. A few I will definitely check out.

My TTT list:

Unknown said...

The Madman's Daughter is one of my favorites of 2013 so far. It's so creepy and addictive. Scarlet was an amazing sequel to Cinder! Happy reading and great list. :)

Jasprit said...

I adored Past Perfect and think it is the perfect read for the Summer! I still need to read If You Find Me and The Madman's Daughter I can't believe I forgot them from my list!

Anonymous said...

I think I already told you this, but the person I was standing in line with at BEA was freaking out over how amazing Past Perfect was, so I'm glad that it's already managed to crack you up within such a short time!! Hope you love Madman's Daughter, too, that one was so creepy and amazing!

@MelissaJoLynn_ said...

I really want to read Scarlet too. I always forget to look for it at the library. The Madman's Daughter was pretty good. It was creepy and set in old times and mysterious!

Unknown said...

Wuthering Tights does sound like a hilarious and fun book! I haven't read Heist Society but Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls is on my TBR. I hope you'll enjoy those books and thanks for stopping by my post!

Jamie E. said...

Anna Dressed in Blood and The Madman's Daughter are on my TBR list for a future date. Nice list. Have a great Summer of reading!
Here is my Tuesday Post.

Sandra @ Waiting For Wentworth said...

I really loved Past Perfect, so I hope you enjoy it too. This Is What Happy Looks Like is a really cute summer read. Some of your other books look really good.