Monday, May 27, 2013

[Top Ten Tuesday #13: Freebie: Books That Make Me Bust My Gut Laughing]]

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It took me awhile to think about what I wanted to do for my Top Ten Tuesday Freebie this week.  But then I thought about how funny the word freebie actually is and then I laughed and then this idea happened.  Just like a bolt of lightening or a stroke of genius!  I came up with the perfect thing, books that make me laugh.  We all enjoy a good chuckle here or there and God knows that when a book has us rolling around on the floor laughing, or busting our gut in coffee shop in front of people that it's a good thing.  Okay, it might also be an embarrassing thing, but I think it's a embarrassing that we all can live with.  So, without anymore stalling I'll let you in on the secret of what those books are... for me at least!

Books That Are Gut Busting Fun!

"Going Bovine" by Libba Bray:  This book has to be one of the funniest books that I've ever read.  I've been meaning to reread it, just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, but I swear that it wasn't!  This might be the book that I mentioned above when I said that I laughed out loud in a coffee shop... maybe?

"Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging" by Louise Rennison:  I haven't read all of the Georgia Nicolson books, but the few I have read had me doubling over in laughter!  I mean just look at that title and tell me that it doesn't have you giggling a little already.  Plus, it's so very British!

"13 Little Blue Envelopes" by Maureen Johnson:  This woman knows how to add the right amount of humor to her books and have you read her twitter feed!  I know I just put this book on this list, but I think I should have just put Maureen Johnson's twitter feed, cause it's just as entertaining as a book!

"The Summer I Became a Nerd" by Leah Rae Miller:  It's the nerdiest YA book that I have ever read and it was wonderful and full of funny jokes!  I mean it even had Live Action Role Play and what not!  Above all it reminded me of the super fun, nerdy times I've had!

"Warm Bodies" by Issac Marion:  This one is defiantly a dark comedy, but I enjoy those too!  There is just something about a deeper funny that almost makes you raise your eyebrows and this book is chalk full of that!

"Losing It" by Cora Carmack:  I have so much love for this book and all of the awkward that Cora wasn't afraid to put into it's pages!  Seriously Bliss and company had some of the funniest things happen to them.  Always awkward and always hysterical!

"How My Summer Went Up In Flames" by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski:  This book starts out with a girl accidentally lighting her exes car on fire!  I mean how does it get any better than that?  I have some major love for this book and it made me laugh out loud plenty of times!

"The Nanny Diaries" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus:  I remember not really liking this book the first time I read it, but then I read it again and I couldn't stop laughing!  I mean it deals with some not so funny stuff, but at the same time it's pretty funny too!  Plus, I've been a nanny for years!

Well there's my list!  What's on yours?  I wanna know.  Leave your link below or tell me in the comments!


Jenni said...

Oh love this topic! I love a book that makes me laugh. The entire Georgia Nicholson series got me going good, I love those books so much and I always will. Happy to see that How My Summer Went Up In Flames is on the list, can't wait to finally read that one!

Christina / Book Addict said...

Great list! I agree about How My Summer Went Up in Flames--so many hysterical moments. 13 Little Blue Envelopes was pretty funny too. I have been meaning to check out Going Bovine and The Summer I Became a Nerd-both seems like books I'd enjoy.

kimberlybuggie said...

Great list. I happen to really like Warm Bodies so I'm glad it made it onto your list. Cool topic!

Happy Reading!

Natalie @Natflix&Books said...

I love Louise Rennison. She does write some funny books. I still need to read Going Bovine, but I loved Beauty Queens. Great list!
Natflix&Books' TTT

Tammy Sparks said...

OMG, great idea for a Top Ten! I guess we were both in the mood for some chuckles today:) I loved THE NANNY DIARIES, although it does have a very serious side to it. And I have GOING BOVINE but just haven't gotten around to read it yet. Same with WARM BODIES. Now I must get to those two books ASAP!! Thanks for stopping by, and I will check out Maureen Johnson's blog:)

Kristin Kraves Books said...

So many great books! Really want to read How My Summer Went Up in Flames and The Summer I Became A Nerd!

Rachel said...

I've read one of these and I LOVED it--Warm Bodies! It's a sort of dry, witty humor that I just love. So good! Great list and thanks for stopping by!

Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf